Launching 15MMM

by Jon Richter May 2015

Coming from writing and submitting a project proposal to the European Commission, answering their call for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation by proposing co-Operating Systems, before loosely passing by London with these unMonkeys and an OSCE Hack Days drink-up around, the final milestone of this year's first spring-time journey now lies behind.
Not only did we publish the new TransforMap Welcome Page and the TransforMap remix of OpenStreetMap's iD editor for this year's Mapping Month May #15MMM, but also held the first true Ape'athon ever since #14mmm.
To understand the last sentence, you have to keep in mind MMM is a literal zoo at its centre.

This activity report is more explicit than former conclusions you may know

because this time we apes physically came together as a whole, instead of me moving inbetween.
Please keep in mind you can always run your own local events like

by just dropping a note in the community discourse.

Witzenhausen Hack Sprint

So we had this anonymous funding for the Mapping Month May accepted and nothing was set in stone. The very day after CAPSSI proposal submission in April, we were conducting another Mumble conference to debate how to assign our personal needs and collective requirements to the granted budget. Sure a lot changed in the meantime, but one important idea survived:
A preceding hackathon for 15MMM, aligning the existing map editing interfaces to an aesthetically pleasant landing page for TransforMap.

Day 1 29

~ arrival of the pioneers ~ soon followed by first steps together ~

Since we would be arriving from many places plus a decent amount of uncertainty taking part in playing the game of moving about, only some of the expected travellers made it to Witzenhausen the first day.

Laying out our different perspectives on work to be done, we dug a little deeper into the role of Semantic Data within the TransforMap---OpenStreetMap nexus and produced small


Day 2 30

~ further perpetual arrivals ~ rain and pizza ~

Waking up early led to a morning discussion about the overall structure of the starting page, followed up by thorough investigations of questions about naming things and modelling the global navigation bar.

The afternoon arrival of @thoka helped a lot in appropriating the iD editor codebase, where the night arrival of @1bcdefghi10 discarded earlier meteor_tests and subscribed to adapting iD, too.


Day 3 01

~ sunny launch² time ~

After a notorious night shift, we had two trains to catch in the afternoon. Sleep deprivation and a self-set launch deadline still allowed us to go online with a modest and humble landing page at 13:00, followed by the editor around 15:00. Around that, we took the time to walk the talk with both departing friends and joined the ascension up to the mountain train station twice.

The following night was filled with rest, dubwise music, operas and classical music while still understanding iD bit by bit until 3 in the morning.


Day 4 02

~ relieving sun in a constant state of arrival and departure ~

07:50 kitchen overtake
11:00 Witzenhausen brunch (rww-play)
13:00 beer + sun

Astonished by how quick our hackathon time together already passed, we were joined in the early morning by Ecobytes' president @gandhiano, who initiated a morning sprint for documenting and dispersing infrastructural responsibilities within TransforMap. But the Witzenhausen fair trade brunch and a rather philosophical beer garden tour, out in the sun, quickly distracted us from doing anymore tech at all this day.
With another departure in the afternoon, TransforMap time was sufficiently over.


Day 5 03

~ touching post launch PRs on a rainy afternoon ~ playing with kids ~

It is apparent we have to do a realignment of Ecobytes position within the group of TransforMap supporters, on one side by fostering agile practice and less bureaucracy while still working on an increased notion of civic patterns in our performativity. On the other side we know now for sure, that TransforMap needs more infrastructure than Ecobytes can provide alone.
Bearing this and possible outreach in mind, food and coffee in Transition House helped with packing and leaving, eventually leading to this subsumption.


summing up

It took me another month to finish this text. Leaving Witzenhausen for Berlin, only to get back to Paris for OuiShare Labs Camp, OuiShare Fest and CollabCamp within two weeks again for ten days was a higher travel frequency, than I am used to. But I'm already back for almost a week, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

15MMM moved along, many new and old cooperations realigned. And constant struggle on basic living conditions remain threatening results of the global crisis. The change will not wait for us, so we'd rather be clever.