10. Berlin + 11./12. Potsdam Telegraphenberg : January 2015 : TransforMap Open Space

The TransforMap collective is happy to announce an Open Space for welcoming the new year 2015 and continuing the diverse work on the original idea:

Mapping All Alternatives!

in the TAPAS sense of

There Are Plenty of AlternativeS!
We make them visible.

We will be meeting this weekend in Berlin and Potsdam. On Saturday, there will be an informal premeeting at a private appartement.

On Sunday and Monday, there will be an Open Space at the Telegraphenberg in Potsdam, kindly hosted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Topics of interest are roughly:

  • Summary 2014
  • Civic Ontology Modelling for a taxonomy of alternative economies
  • Development of communication, publication and data infrastructure.
  • on- and offline Community Building
  • a Wikithon to bridge the gaps between the old and new wiki
  • Preparation of the International Mapping Day, March 6/7.
  • Governance and Internationalization

For details please refer to the organizational etherpad. To show that you are coming you can RSVP online.

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TransforMap within Shareable's Global MapJam

For this weekend, TransforMap is happy to announce two events joining the Shareable Global MapJam 2014.

Berlin, weekend of 18. and 19. October 2014

And a bigger map...

18.10. Mapping Berlin's transition towards a new economy

Let’s meet at the Thinkfarm Berlin to map together all the alternatives one can find in Berlin.

In the mapping jam you will:

  • learn about open and collaborative mapping
  • learn to make your own open map
  • discover new initiatives in your neighbourhod
  • connect with other like-minded Berliners
  • provide feedback on the open mapping initiative http://TransforMap.co/
  • cook together and celebrate

If you have already a list, a map or other resources that have compiled existing initiatives (community gardens, co-working spaces, self-organized cafe, werkstatt, etc.) BRING IT! We’ll put all this together and point it on a map that doesn’t belong to Google!

The mapping jam will be followed by a community dinner where we’ll cook together. A small donation for the food will be asked.

Looking forward to mapping with you!


October 18, 2014 at 1pm - 7pm


Thinkfarm Berlin Oranienstr 183
(3. Hof, Aufgang C, 3. OG) Berlin 10999

The Berlin Map Jam is organized by TransforMap and transition>>lab as part of the global map jam http://www.shareable.net/blog/join-the-global-mapjam-to-organize-the-new-economy-in-your-city.

19.10. TransforMap : Federated tempospatial data

MMM Research kindly invites you to a concentrated one day investigation of the current state of its technical endeavours. We will discuss and explore questions of

  • Data Management in federations, which includes
    • Extract-Transform-Load Strategies for arbitrary datasets,
    • Schema Transformations in a collaborative manner,
    • Ethical Hosting approaches to diversify operations and
    • Responsible Archival of small initiatives' maps that may else be lost.
  • Data Standardization + Linked Data
  • Learning from open source processes:
    • Why slowness matters.
    • How interoperability raises the network effect.

Technologies we're taking into consideration are, for example

  • CKAN + Leaflet extension
  • OSM Tasking Manager
  • d:swarm
  • uMap
  • CouchDB + GeoCouch extension

Bring your brain cells, and be ready to explore the distributed future of federated open data.


October 19, 2014 at 10am - 6pm


Spreeacker Berlin Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10
c/o Boat House
10179 Berlin