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Here you find updates on the 14mmm mapping initiative.

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Mapping socio-economic innovation with OpenStreetMap

A distributed process on making the alternatives visible. Please feel kindly invited to contribute and share.

You can contribute by filling in mapping-initiatives in the directory, according to the very short and easy guidelines in the beginning.

Link to the Directory of "Mapping the Mappings"

14mmm is an initiative formed by more than 20 organizations within the varying fields of commoning and collaborative economy to collaborate on Mapping Alternative Social and Economic Innovation. Initiated in autumn 2013, a kick off "Munich Mapping Meeting" took place on March 6/7, 2014. Since then, we're on our Road to Degrowth and to a hopefully become a standard for mapping alternatives.

We are working out the following and would like to keep your attention for five minutes. We show where we are and invite you, if you find some interest, to become part of it.

Mapping together?

the situation

Many well intended people, initiatives and organizations started and are continuously starting to produce maps of projects, initiatives and commons in their own interest. This includes i.e. sharing activities, free harvestable trees in the countryside, ecovillages, coworking spaces, cargo bikes (for lending), give boxes, startup projects and non-profit initiatives.

This mélange is exciting and helpful to meet their needs "beyond the market", to enable people to engage in these fields and connect to the initiatives of their interests or neighbourhoods to make fair use of the common goods.

the problem we identified and want to solve

What we are dreaming of:

We want to engage with various communities to join forces. All data anyone puts in Open Street Maps is community based, open source and freely available.

How we are currently developing:

where we are engaging:

further sessions, that will follow shortly

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Presentations from the Mapping Session at Ouishare Fest 2014

One final form from the Discussion round on Technology & Implementation

Mapping Workshop

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